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 OPUUSA is a federally recognized  charitable organization dedicated to  advancing the interests of the City of  Osogbo and the community of Osogbo  indigenes in the United States.

 OPUUSA strives to achieve this  objective by:
  • Promoting unity and cooperation in the community of Osogbo indigenes in the United States;
  • Promoting social, economic, cultural and education growth in Osogbo;
  • Providing a forum to exchange ideas and discuss issues relating to Osogbo and the community of Osogbo indigenes in the United States;
  • Engaging in other legally permissible activities, consistent with the organization's tax-exempt status, that will generally benefit Osogbo and the community of Osogbo residents in the United States.
 All donations to OPUUSA are 


  • Osogbo is a city in Southwestern Nigeria and the Capital of Osun State.

  • Osogbo is a bastion of Yoruba culture
  • Osogbo holds the world-famous Osun Osogbo festival on the shores of the Osun River every year.

  • The Osun grove in Osogbo has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage--worthy of preservation by the international community.

Osogbo is located in Nigeria

Osogbo Traditional Rulers (Ataoja)

  • Oba Larooye Gbadewolu d. 1760
  • Oba Sogbodede d. 1780
  • Aina Serebu 1780-1810
  • Abogbe (as Regent, she reigned but did not assume the title Ataoja) 1810-1812
  • Obodegbewale (as Regent) 1812-1815
  • Oba Lahanmi Oyipi 1815-1840
  • Oba Ojo Adio Okege 1840-1854
  • Oba Oladejobi Oladele Matanmi I 1854-1864
  • Oba Fabode.Durosinmi Ogunnike 1864-1891
  • Oba Bamigbola Alao 1891-1893
  • Oba Ajayi Olosunde Oyetona 1893-1903
  • Oba Atanda Olukeye Olugbeja Matanmi II 1903-1917
  • Oba Kofoworola Ajadi Latona I 1918-1920
  • Oba Alabi Kolawole 1920-1933
  • Oba Samuel Oyedokun Latona II 1933-1943
  • Oba Samuel Adeleye Adenle I 1944-1975
  • Oba Iyiola Oyewale Matanmi III (born 1935) 1976-2010)

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